Who’s on page two of local results?

Update: April 25, 2012

This issue was a glitch and was corrected. Google users can now see the additional pages of “Places”results.

More changes have occurred within the Google’s local search.Last week we saw the start of users no longer being able to see beyond the first page of “Place” results. In the past one could simple click “More results near…” located at the bottom of the local results displaying on Google’s first page of organic results and they would be transferred to “places” results. This would then allow the user to look through pages and pages of local results with the standard Google page navigation bar we are all used to using.
Google Results
With this change, users are now limited to only being able to see the first ten “Places” results and we can see the pro’s and cons associated with this new update. One benefit is it does simplify the results and if Google is displaying the ten best results in the area then there is no need to look further than the first ten results. That being said, if a person is located in a large city such as San Diego and they need a local service then the user might desire to look at more than the first ten businesses generating in the results. We do not see this change dramatically effecting a lot of people searching for local services but significant change but the change does seems a little out of Google’s character. Normally we are used to Google providing as much information as possible so limiting the “Places” results to just the first ten results is a strange change. We are continuing to monitor the change and will post any updates.

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