Organic SEO 101 – The Basics

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What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is marketing tool that focuses on gaining visibility for your site in the organic (unpaid) search engine results. Search engines collect information about every web page on the internet, and rank the most relevant and authoritative websites with the best user experience. In order to increase your website’s organic ranking in the search engines, you should develop it to be easily understood by search engines, and user friendly for consumers.

Why Organic SEO Benefits Your Business

Search is the number one driver of all website traffic, and analysis shows that most users don’t scroll past the first page of search results. This highlights the importance of making your website easy for search engines to crawl and understand. When you employ SEO as a strategy for your business, there are many potential benefits. Increased visibility and more traffic to your website generates more business leads, conversions, and gives your brand added credibility.

Organic SEO vs Manufactured SEO

Organic SEO employs hand-crafted techniques that are compliant with Google, creating long lasting results that are earned steadily. Because organic SEO tactics must be implemented by humans, they take into account the user experience, which is rewarded by search engines. On the contrary, manufactured SEO instead relies on automated or paid approaches. These results can be expensive, and only provide short term results that decline as you stop pumping money into them. Manufactured or spammy SEO practices can be dangerous to your business. If you are penalized by google, as you would be for using automated SEO, your site could be barred from search engine results entirely. This would severely diminish the traffic your website receives, putting you back further than where you began.

The Organic SEO Process- An Overview

The first step is to optimize your site for both users and search engines. This involves making your site’s code easy to read and understand by the search engines that crawl the internet, and making the user experience of your site as enjoyable as possible. Next, you’ll need to consistently add unique content to your site. Google’s algorithm aims to rank relevant and interesting content higher in search results, so pertinent content is rewarded. Finally, you’ll want to promote your site’s content other places on the web. Your content being publicized on other sites will drive users and search engines rankings to your business. You’ll earn inbound links to your site as your content is shared, sending signals to the search engines that your site is valuable and deserving of a higher rank. While this article serves as a general overview, your personal organic SEO strategy will involve multiple methods of optimization over the course of time, tailored to the needs of your business.

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