New Mobile Search Features for Google’s Local Search

This week is another push forward in the importance for local businesses to invest in local seo not just for desktop users but mobile search users. With the smartphone taking more and more of the mobile phone market people are now able to look for the information they need that instant versus having to wait until they find a desktop. Google recently released that over the past two years they have seen mobile search grow at an exponential rate. Although, mobile searches are more common than ever they have still been limited when compared to searching for information on a desktop.

To answer these limitations Google has been developing mobile search to offer more in depth features for mobile devices. As a result, Google revealed on Monday several new features to make it easier for users to search for local businesses in the area. One new feature is shortcut icons listed on the mobile search homepage displaying commonly searched categories, such as restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

Another improvement for mobile search users is now on the results page, you’ll see a map marking your current location and places around you. This allows user to look at both a listings details and keep an idea where they and the listing they are viewing is located. Both these new features are now available for Google’s mobile search.

These new features further increase the importance for local businesses and restaurants to make sure their local Google listing is optimized and strongly represented in Google’s mobile search.

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