Google’s New Local Results Layout of Restaurants

If you have not seen it already, do a quick search for your favorite genres of food in your area. Google has been introducing a new layout for restaurant and food related search results. Here is an example of how the new layout looks:

Google Results for "Thai Food San Diego"

As you can in the image, the new layout still includes a map to the right of the results but the typical letter rankings “A – G” no longer display. Instead, all the local results are listed at the top of the page. The number of results that display has changed as well, now a user can easily scan through 20 results.

The new layout displays the results in a tile format that shows the business name, type of food, # of reviews, the Zagat ranking and average cost. If the user clicks on the title a full summary of the business replaces the map.

Another notable change worth mentioning is that there is no longer a direct link to the website of the business. Previous in the A-G ranking layout, the user only has to click on the business name and they would be directed to the business’s website. This is an interesting change Google has implemented, we can see multiple reasons why Google would make such a change. It will be interesting to see the effect is has on a restaurants website traffic. Let us know your thoughts of the new layout by leaving a comment. We are curious to see how users and restaurants accept the new layout.

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