Landing Pages: Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Image of Target multicolored What is a Landing Page?

As you navigate through an SEO campaign, at some point you may have heard this term mentioned. Let’s dispel the mystery: a landing page is a website page, separate from the main webpage if your website, which has been created for a targeted purpose. Landing pages are created for a specific stream of traffic, and can be used for targeted lead generation.

For example, let’s say you purchased a daily ad slot on a radio show. You want to direct those radio listeners to a particular page of your site that has a special offer, a “request a quote” form. This form would collect the visitor’s contact info, and the services they are seeking. Because your visitors to this particular page are specifically targeted, and are enticed by the offer you present, the form would allow for conversion of a higher percentage of website visitors and turn them into leads that you can contact about your services.

How Landing Pages Help Your Conversion Rate

If you are promoting your business in a specific way, and expect targeted traffic to visit your site, a landing page is the perfect solution to convert those visitors into leads. You should be funneling your traffic stream to a specific page with a clear call to action that prompts users to fill out a “Request a Quote” form. By sending them to this landing page you are immediately prompting visitors to fill out the form to ultimately generate leads for your business.

Best Practices for Landing Pages

Because the primary goal of a landing page is to convert traffic into leads, make sure your call to action button is clearly visible, noticeable, and promotes an immediate response. Once your visitors get to the landing page, it is of the utmost importance that the design of this page is centered around collecting that information. Additionally, make sure your landing page has a single focus, tied to the advertisement that drove traffic to the page. If you are not seeing the results you were initially hoping for, you can always employ A/B testing, to find out which type of messaging works for your visitors.

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