Google+ Local: The Integration of Google+ and Google Places

Last week Google unveiled the new feature Google+ Local. This new feature is a result of Google integrating Google Places into their social network Google+. This new update is Google’s effort to combine and streamline Google+, Google Places and Google Maps to all use the same platform. This will also allow a much more direct and intimate environment for customers and business owners to interact.
New Google Business Page

What has stayed the same:
Clicking on the business name of the local results will still take the user directly to the business’s website. (If the business does not have a website it will forward to the business listing)

What has changed:
Business Page Layout has changed both its looks and location. The new loayout is very streamlines and looks great, the listing itself is now located on Google+.
Reviews – Google has teamed up with Zagat and a Zagat rating is given to each listing with 3 or more reviews by Google users.

More information can be found on Google’s Blog but rest assured if you see something that looks a little off don’t worry because Google is still in the process of completely rolling out the update. In the initial blog post Google also said, “this is just the initial roll out and many more updates are going to be coming in the next few months.”


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