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Landing Pages: Targeted Traffic To Your Site

What is a Landing Page? As you navigate through an SEO campaign, at some point you may have heard this term mentioned. Let’s dispel the mystery: a landing page is a website page, separate from the main webpage if your website, which has been created for a targeted purpose. Landing pages are created for a […]

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Impact of Customer Reviews on Your Local SEO

  Managing your business’s online reputation is an important aspect in your local SEO strategy. A positive reputation can help your conversion rate, as your credibility will be established by satisfied customers. In addition, reviews can play a role in your search engine visibility, helping you to stand apart from your competitors. Survey research shows […]

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Organic SEO 101 – The Basics

What is Organic SEO? Organic SEO is marketing tool that focuses on gaining visibility for your site in the organic (unpaid) search engine results. Search engines collect information about every web page on the internet, and rank the most relevant and authoritative websites with the best user experience. In order to increase your website’s organic ranking […]

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Where to Publish Locally Relevant Content – Local SEO

Many factors contribute to your domain’s search visibility, overall trust, and authority. Ongoing publication of content is an important factor in the success of an SEO process, but this content needs to be specifically honed to rank for locally relevant search results. Optimize your content with keywords:  include your location, the services or products you […]

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8 Local Search Tips

For a business, the ability to be found easily online can be the difference between keeping the doors open and going under.  Having a high degree of “search-ability” will ensure that customers can connect with your company or brand.  Customer connection often translates into sales, and as we know, solid sales are a key component […]

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Local Search Optimization in 2013

2012 was an Interesting Year for Local Search In 2012 we saw the introduction of Google+ local and its slow but interesting development. Hopefully we will continue to see the development and integration of places and plus. As of right now there is still many elements that could be improved in an effort to make […]

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Check the categories on your Google Listing

There was a bug that occurred within Google Places last weekend, the result was that multiple listings stopped displaying on Google’s first page of local results. In Google’s defense they were quick to respond to the complaints being posted in the Google Groups forum concerning the issue. They said the bug is getting worked out […]

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Is Local Search More Vital Than Ever?

In a word, yes. Local search is becoming more vital for local businesses and services than ever and it is not only because the industry is becoming more competitive. Local search results are becoming more dominate in the initial search results seen on search engine and both Google and Bing have been devoting considerably more […]

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Google Listings said to Feature Products in near Future

Google is currently researching and developing the means for businesses to incorporate local availability of their products to be displayed on the business’s listing. Google’s Blog announced they are already working with major retailers to test the feature. Smaller business can request to be part of the beta trails through the blog. The new feature […]

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