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Organic SEO 101 – The Basics

What is Organic SEO? Organic SEO is marketing tool that focuses on gaining visibility for your site in the organic (unpaid) search engine results. Search engines collect information about every web page on the internet, and rank the most relevant and authoritative websites with the best user experience. In order to increase your website’s organic ranking […]

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8 Local Search Tips

For a business, the ability to be found easily online can be the difference between keeping the doors open and going under.  Having a high degree of “search-ability” will ensure that customers can connect with your company or brand.  Customer connection often translates into sales, and as we know, solid sales are a key component […]

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Google+ Local Changes Reviews Format

If you have not seen it already, Google has updated their previous review format which closely features Zagat’s review system to a simpler and more straightforward review layout. The new format allows user to write the standard verbal review and then select from 4 categories: Poor-Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent You can see an example […]

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Google+ Local: The Integration of Google+ and Google Places

Last week Google unveiled the new feature Google+ Local. This new feature is a result of Google integrating Google Places into their social network Google+. This new update is Google’s effort to combine and streamline Google+, Google Places and Google Maps to all use the same platform. This will also allow a much more direct […]

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New Local Search Formats for Results on Google

For some time now Google’s local search results have stuck with a standard format of display results either in a 7-pack, 3-pack or 1-pack. The number of results displaying was determined by Google’s algorithm. However, if you have not noticed already several weeks ago this standard of formatting changed and we noticed and so have […]

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Google and Many Others Protest SOPA & PIPA

Today if you visit Google you will notice the standard Google logo has been censored out and looks something like this: Google has done this in an effort to help spread the word against the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House. Google does state: […]

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Google’s Personalized Search Notification

If you have not noticed it before when you are searching for something on Google be sure to check the top left corner under the Google logo to see if Google is personalizing your search. If you have a Gmail and are logged in while doing a search on Google chances are Google is tailoring […]

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Is Local Search More Vital Than Ever?

In a word, yes. Local search is becoming more vital for local businesses and services than ever and it is not only because the industry is becoming more competitive. Local search results are becoming more dominate in the initial search results seen on search engine and both Google and Bing have been devoting considerably more […]

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A new look to Local Results on Google.

On Tuesday, the Google Places blog announced they had updated the way they display their local search results. The new format utilizes Grey pin results. The new formatting either displays or makes the Place page content readily available for users without leaving the initial search results page. This new update has shown Google’s devotion to […]

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Google Can Change your Places Page Automatically

Be sure to watch you email. Google recently said they are going to start automatically updating information on your businesses place page if they find more recent information from user edits and 3rd party data site that Google is constantly searching. When making the changes you will be notified via an email but regardless to […]

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