8 Local Search Tips

For a business, the ability to be found easily online can be the difference between keeping the doors open and going under.  Having a high degree of “search-ability” will ensure that customers can connect with your company or brand.  Customer connection often translates into sales, and as we know, solid sales are a key component of a successful business.  If you are just starting your local search campaign, or you are looking for some fresh ideas, these eight local search tips will give your business an instant “search-ability” boost.

1.  Connect the website, location, and the brand.  You should always strive to maintain a congruent approach when it comes to your website, location, and brand.  From the content and copy to the imagery you use, there should always be a common theme that connects every message.

2.  Set up Google Plus Authorship.  Google Plus Authorship not only increases your credibility when you are posting articles, it also increases your site’s search-ability.  Google will give you some extra search points if you are posting with Google Authorship in connection with your website.

3.  Keep your store locator simple.  A simple store locator on your website will enable Google to easily crawl it.  With a crawlable map/locator Google will be able to use this information to possibly increase your website’s search ranking.

4.  Put local store content on local pages.  Putting local store content on your local store pages will offer another way for Google to target your business as being from a certain region.  This locally oriented content will boost your local ranking.

5.  Connect with local schools for .edu backlinks.  .Edu backlinks to your company website can be a great way to increase your search ranking.  A nifty trick to get an .Edu to link to your site is to offer student discounts.  The school will usually put a link to your business somewhere on their site.

6.  Get involved in local events.  Getting your business involved in local events will generally get you some free marketing and mentions.  These events usually have a website that will link to your website.  Connecting with these local events will also create a stronger local presence for your business.

7.  Reach out to authority reviewers.  Reaching out to authority reviewers is a great way to get some positive mentions on sites such as Yelp.  DO NOT ask the reviewers directly for a positive review, but instead, interact with them via social media.  This interaction can be a good way to get your business noticed.  The reviewers may just give you a little love in return.

8.  Maintain a quality in-store experience.  While having a positive online presence is important, it is still second to the in-store experience.  For instance, if your customer service or product quality is lacking, it doesn’t matter what you do online.  Your business will suffer.

Good luck with your search-ability, and hopefully these tips will add a little extra heat to your online search campaign.  


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